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Classes & Care

Cabrini is a home-based program designed to meet the growing needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families with a simple, fun, sensory based, playfully emergent curriculum that is Christ centered.  This simply means let's give your little ones a special space to meet others, and the tools to explore, interact, and create. Let's learn in a simple loving environment as God intended. Creating a desire for learning can be more important than how much is learned in a stage. Little ones are learning how to learn for a lifetime, so joy is priceless in the process.

Waddler's Class (Ages 1-2 Years)

One year old children are like walking, talking babies, and more. They are adorable, fun and curious. Let's bring them together with new friends to create learning moments and deep relationships. Waddlers classes are great for teaching basic language and skills that will help to prepare a young child for friendships and future preschool. 

Preschool Class (Ages 3-4 Years)

Preschool children have graduated to a new level of learning and maturity. In depth conversations and relationships help these friends to prepare for more formal learning environments in future years. They are learning social skills that will help them to manage everyday interactions with others. They are learning and practicing basic academic concepts that will be the building blocks for reading, math, science, and more. It is a very exciting time in the life of the young child. They are big!

Parent-Baby Classes and Family Support Groups

In addition to parent-baby classes, parents often need support, continuing education, joy and a nap. Parent groups can provide all of this and more. The goal is to bond families together to create wise, strong, Godly communities that cannot be broken while sharing the trials and celebrations of parenting with other like-minded souls. Classes to improve parenting, opportunities to pray together, sibling support groups, field trips for families to bond with other families, babysitting swaps, hand-me-down clothing, and more. 

Toddlers Class (Ages 2-3 Years)

Twos toddlers are more curious, adventurous and active. They are often testing people and the environment to see how it all works. A two's classroom is never boring. They are developing language, cognitive, social and emotional skills that help to prepare them for future preschool learning. It is also an age of potty training and increased independence. Self-care skills are developing. Let's see what happens! 

Parent's Day Out!

Some of you may have heard about Parent's Night Out. It seems quite nice for parents, but can be more challenging for children who need early bedtimes and consistent routines. It is much more exciting for them if they can share in a movie and/or activities with their friends, but still have enough energy to enjoy their pizza and go home peacefully with mommy and daddy. Cabrini is focused on child-centered care, so we will have a Parent's Day Out. Mommy and daddy can enjoy each other's company, run errands, or simply take a nap. Imagine napping while your young child is socializing and having fun. We love Parent's Day Out!

Children's Rosary Group (Ages 3-5+)

Your infants and children will be hearing our prayers on a daily basis. This will become second nature for them as they follow puppet friends in a simple, short version of the Holy Rosary (in both Latin & English). A singing style of Rosary may be ideal for these little ones. Let's explore and see how the children respond. As with all learning in early childhood, the process is far more important than the product. Peace and joy will be the goal.

Citrus Fruits

Feedback from those in the field. All Glory be to God. :)

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